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Office quebecois de la langue anglaise

OQLA is a not for profit organization made up of volunteers who are concerned about the
slow and methodical disappearance of the English language in Quebec.


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Why should I donate?

If you share our views about the decline of the English language within Quebec and would like to ensure that corporations across the province will implement proper bilingual signage, please consider making a donation to the OQLA.

Any donation that you make will allow us to accomplish our objectives and ultimately our goals to preserve the English language in Quebec and to promote the proper use of bilingual signage by corporations within our Province.

How do I donate?

In order to make a donation simply fill in the amount that you would like to contribute and whether or not you would like to make this a recurring payment on the right side of this page. You do NOT need a PayPal account in order to make a contribution.

What does the money go towards?

The OQLA is a non-profit organization in that all monetary contributions that we receive goes towards the upholding of the organization and the accomplishment of its objectives. 

All monetary contributions that you make will go towards the following:

  • Print advertisements to raise awareness about our cause
  • Online advertisements to promote our website
  • Administrative costs
  • Web server fees
  • Site upgrades and maintenance

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The OQLA currently has 13 guests online. Tell others to join!


Office quebecois de la langue anglaise
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JA Minisite

OQLA is a not for profit organization made up of volunteers who are concerned about the slow and methodical disappearance of the English language in Quebec. Our primary objectives are to preserve and promote the English language within the province, to ensure that the English language does not become extinct in Quebec, and to make sure that companies provide bilingual signage in accordance with the language laws of Quebec.